Privacy statement

As we all should, KPC&C takes data protection seriously and complies with the GDPR act.

The information gathered by KPC&C limits itself to that legally obliged for the normal processing of client-provider communication and administration (appointments, feedback, invoices and contact).

It will not be shared with a third party (unless there is clear question of an illegal activity, which could be harmful).

The information gathered is kept in protected email folders and in some cases a hard file in a secure place in my office. Many of my clients are recurring and there is, as yet, no time limit on the storage of this information.

KPC&C has no agreement with other providers.

Through visiting my website and sharing information, you agree with my privacy statement.

WHAT information do I keep?

– Name and Surname
– Email address
– When applicable telephone number
– Working content for future reference

HOW do I collect?

– You provide me with the information

WHY do I collect it?

– For the legal administration of my clients
– For future reference should we work together again
– For keeping in contact (yearly greetings to past clients)

HOW is it stored?

– In secure email folders
– Occasionally in hard copy in my safe home office

WHERE will it be used?

– It is shared with no third party
– Exclusively for one to one contact between us

Should you wish the information you have shared with me to be deleted, please contact