Simple words really but painfully true…Especially regarding upbringing of children.

We somehow take it for granted that our children will welcome and soak up all our generously distributed or at times heaped upon wisdom, yet when done from a superior, patronising, sometimes overly agressive position their barriers go upin self-defense and the wisdom we wish to install just glides straight over their heads.
Do you take care to first ensure you have a warm, respectful and loving rapport with your child before you impart your wisdom?
Do you check your state before sitting down to go over homework and wait for a better moment if you are rushed, stressed or upset?
Do you offer your wisdom or shove it at them?

With the onset of the new school year I know what my goal will be this year and will measure the efficiency of my teaching by the response I get . If not what i had aimed for, then I will welcome the feedback and try again, in a different way.

How about you??? Looking forward to your responses!