Well I had first hand experince of that these last 2 weeks…and all things considered didnt come out of it too bad!

So what does it mean? It sounds pretty straightforward but isnt always as obvious as it sounds.The concept introduced in Stephen Covey’s excellent book: “The 7 habits of Highly Efficient People” covers the time management matrix between urgent, non-urgent; important and non-important activities and is of essential importance to a balanced and purposeful life.
However, as I found out over the last 2 weeks, it is a fine line to tread because you may have your time all properly planned out around your important goals and people but how to cope with the feeling of being inefficient and “failing” when other equally important and more urgent issues keep cropping up?
For example this blog. My goal was to write it every week yet it has now been over two and being a drastically organised and determined person, the postponing wasn’t sitting so well with me…
As I learnt, it is all about flexibility. Knowing how to re-evaluate what the first things are at the time without feeling you are failing at that goal and with the conviction you are doing the right thing.
In my case we had the wonderful experience of a 13 year old exchange student from Shanghai living with us and many wonderful experiences to reach out to others through the school.
These issues were as important to me as my blog, yet more urgent and yes, I do believe people should come before things.
So I learnt. I learnt I could live with not fullfiling the deadline on one goal for the better of a newer priority.
I grew.
How about you? When did you last examine how you manage your days, weeks and months?