Watching the moving images of the rescued Chillean miners I was thinking how different their view of life will be. Probably along the lines of making the most of it, not letting the little things get in the way, telling those they love how much they mean to them and acting that way too!
Most of us are spared such traumatic experiences but what will it take for us to really value our lives now? To really make the most of it and live a life of no regrets, no holding back, just letting our natural ability to be happy flow.
Keeping an eye on what is in the glass and not on what is missing yet seeking to continuously add to the content. Now I dont mean living recklessly, as if there is no tomorow with material things but maybe spending more generously of oursleves! Spending oursleves each day in what we give others as if we may also suddenly end up trapped under ground. What would you regret?? Probably not all the fights and moans and hours of unproductive time…
What would you do differently?

That is why I am so happy and fulfilled when someone comes to me for coaching and actively wants to remove the obstacles to feeling fully happy. Sometimes the little things just get in the way and need a good look at, a new perspective and a change in interpretation for us to move on, secure that we, and not external circumstances are in the driving seat.
Sometimes all we need is a safe space, with someone listening 100% without judging yet maybe holding the mirror up at a new angle to see what needs to be done to feel a happy, purposeful, generous person, making the most of their life. Take action and live fully now!
Let’s make it happen!