In Spring last year, a friend nutritionist and I held a workshop on “Fit, Firm and Focussed” for the Summer which involved a part on nutrition provided by Wendy Derijk and a part on motivation presented by yours truly.
Though this presentation was geared at losing weight and getting fit, the 8 Steps I developed can be applied to any issue you want to change.
And I thought: why keep them for yourself? So at the suspense induced rate of one step a week I shall take you through them!

Because basically, regarding any change we wish to induce, there is no rocket science, it all comes down to motivation. The short and clear formula is the following: your motivation to make that change has to be stronger than your desire to continue doing what you have been doing.”If we do what we always did, we get what we always got”! Seems logical looked at like that yet how many of us just keep on trying the way we have and are surprised we are still failing? Its hitting your head against a wall yet we keep on doing it! Albert Einstein said something along the lines that a problem can not be solved with the same mindset which created it in the first place. Very true and very wise.
Yet another mindset implies a degree of change and we are creatures of habit. Change is scary. Better the devil you know… So to change we need to be creative, and think in a new way, from a new perspective, we need to be brave and willing to step outside our comfort zone and face the unknown or the untried and to do that we need to be fuelled by our motivation!

So now the stage is set, next week I will take you to step 1: The power of writing!

Wishing you all a fun and fruitful week full of gratitude and self development!
Here’s to making it happen!