So here we go! The first Step to recognising and harnessing your Motivation, to bring about whichever change you want to make!

Write it down, make it happen. The title I have given this Step comes from an excellent book of that name by Henriette Anne Klauser.
So the first step to making it happen is to actually write it down.Does this sound scolarly? patronising? Maybe even daunting? Bear with me…
So why write?
To convert a dream or a wish into reality, you need to make it REAL. Ink on paper is real.This is your first step to committing. It is one thing to talk about making changes but to actually commit them to paper is a large step.
I recommend my clients buy a “Glorious You” notebook (call it whatever inspires you!), something you like the look of. It will help to gather thoughts,to specify what you want (will be coming to that later), mark achievements, list doubts…etc This is your map and your journey to getting what you want.

Another reason that writing it down is so important is that it alerts your Reticular Activity System. This is our filtering system. It helps us make sense of the overwhelming amount of information our body receives every second (up to 2 million pieces of information!!). Our active brain can only deal with 7 pieces of information (plus or minus 2) simultaneously. So we have three clever ways of coping with this overflow.
We generalise, we distort and we delete anything which is not relevant at the time. Our filter will send all that is important to us (our priorities) to our active brain and the rest will be stored in our subconscious. By writing down what you want, you are telling your brain filter that this is something important to you.It is emphasising what we concentrate on. Thinking of buying a new car? Suddenly you see that brand everywhere, thinking of starting a family, suddenly there are pregnant women everywhere. Our focus has changed and we pick up more relevant signs. Words pop out of newspapers, we hear something on the radio…all these things were there yesterday but your filter was deleting them. So write it down so your filter is clear that all things relevant to the topic are now your priority and it will help you gather information to move in that direction.

So go on out and get yourself a notebook, and WRITE!!!
This is for you,it does not need to be shared or in competition for the next Nobel prize! How organised or not, how correctly spelled or not does not matter, it is for YOU. Your friend and ally.You will be able to see clearly what is working and what isn’t, and encourage yourself on the lower days by seeing all the gains you have already made!

Once you have this useful tool in hand, we go on next week to Step 2 which is: determining what it is you want!!!

Happy shopping and here is to making it happen!!