If alright with you, dear followers and occasional blog readers, I shall put the “8 steps to discovering and harnessing your motivation” on hold to go with the seasonal flow!
End of December, under a very snowy Potsdam sky,the time is right, before moving on to defining goals and resolutions for 2011, to first take stock for 2010.
A friend of mine shared with me an exercise called “My best year yet” and though I am very sorry to not be able to locate the direct source, I would like to share it with you as I found it very valuable. Why? Because we learn from the past. That is actually part of a saying which really resonnates with me: Learn from the past, plan for the futur and live in the present!

So get your notebooks out and answer the following:

1. So what were your personal successes over the last year? What are you satisfied with? Proud of?

2. What regrets do you have? What did you not achieve that you had wanted to?

3. What did you learn?

4. Which people counted for you the most in the past year? Rank them and decide if there is anything you would want to change next year.

5. Based on the above, make at least 10 resolutions for the coming year.

Good luck!And a very happy new year to you all!

May it bring you fun and friendship, love and laughter, health and hope and passion and purpose!

Let’s make it happen!