Step by Step we are moving towards our Goal, knowing by now WHAT we want to attain, WHY this is important to us, having checked our BELIEFS and ANCHORED our motivation.
Now it is time to go back to where we stated our Goal, the WHAT we want and to make sure it is a S.M.A.R.T. goal.

What is a goal but a dream with a date? For if we aim at nothing, we are sure to hit it. So let’s aim ay hitting what we want! Here we go:

S is for SPECIFIC.
Write it down. What specifically do you wish to attain? Whatever it is, you can specify it, be precise so you know what you are aiming at. Be as specific as you can, and write it all down.

A goal has to be measurable or how else will you know you have reached it? Even happiness and energy levels can be measured on number of days or on a scale of 1 to 10. Know what you are aiming for so you can measure progress and attainment.

You have to take action, nothing is going to happen by itself.If you do what you always did, you are going to get what you always got. So what are you going to do? What are you going to do more of? Less of?
Identitfy danger zones, things, people, events which could put you off track, be aware of these and pre-plan solutions.

You are setting yourself up for success. If your goal is so ambitious that the chances of you succeeding are very slight you will only get discouraged. So set smaller, attainable goals. It may take longer but the motivation which you will get from making those smaller goals will see you through to the sweet finish.Small steps take you a long way and are a lot more efficient than one huge step which may end in your falling flat on your face and taking a while to recover.
Time also to check your ecology.How do your goals fit in with those around you? Are they do-able?

T is for time-framed
Back again to the dream with a deadline. Set your end goal and if it is far away, agree with yourself also on a medium term and a short term goal. What do I need to do this week in order to reach X by the end of the month? How many kilos? Exercise how many times? How much money? Whatever your issue, work backwards. And of course NOTE it all down.
Note the date , note the result, note the difficulties…

Keep that unswerving desire burning, keep track of your progress. Focus on the finishing line and enjoy the journey!

Once the plan is finalised, full of motivation and focus we will move next week to step 7: take massive action.

Let’s make it happen!