Hello everyone and hopefully you have manged to follow the 8 steps to discovering and harnessing your motivation amongst my additional postings!
Step 8 is the last one of that series and has to do with MAINTAINING your motivation once you have discovered and harnessed it!
This has to do with keeping on track, maintaining focus on that which you want to achieve.
Use your book to track what works and what doesnt. Should you slip (and we all do), the most important thing is to examine lucidly what happened: what was the trigger, what were the circumstances and LEARN from it. Too many people are so angry at themselves for having slipped, they are prepared to give everything up! WRONG!!! There is no failure, only feedback. So what did you learn? Welcome this opportunity of having learnt more about yourself.
Keep track also of your ACHIEVEMENTS, however small they may be. We are often so busy beating ourselves up for everything that went wrong that we overlook all the times we did overcome. Acknowledging these achievements will make you feel good and fuel your motivation which is also why it is better to reach little steps and congratulate yourself than try huge ones where you risk landing on your nose with a stab to your confidence and motivation. Behaviour that is rewarded will more often be repeated.
I have been asked what sort of reward? Well that is really up to you and in no way needs to be extravagant, just a kind gesture to yourself, it is more about the message than the content!
PERSEVERE. Sometimes we seem to be doing everything right but are still not getting the result we want. Dont give up. Stay focused and confident that you are doing the right thing, stay centred, trusting the results are on their way.

Well that was the final installment on my 8 Step Methodology. One last reminder: YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE, make it the RIGHT one!