Dear followers,
Today I just HAVE to share with you my experiences on the NLP practitioner course I took last week in London or I will BURST!!!
I had been introduced to NLP during my life coach practitioner degree and as most coaches very much integrated the most wider used tools such as: understanding that we have different maps of the world based on our beliefs and values and experiences and how we interpret them. Being aware of how we use language to communicate, the modalities and submodalities we use and how we can use them to run more empowering strategies in our lives.
I am getting carried away …please excuse me…
First of all: what is NLP?
Neuro Linguistic Programming is how to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes.We have strategies for everything we do which we are mostly unaware of, this is our software.Some are efficient and serve us well, others less so. When we procrastinate or devour compulsively a box of chocolates or convince ourselves we are no good, we are running efficient strategies, composed of a sequence of chain reactions involving our 5 senses.(visual, auditory, feeling, smell and taste).
So maybe we first get an image of a chocolate, then construct in our mouth feel of the consistency of the chocolate, then say to ourselves “I have had a bad day I deserve it”, then feel justified, then act. Just an example. Once we are aware of what we do we can scramble that pattern and install instead a more empowering strategy if we feel we want to have more choice in our behaviour.Sometimes our software needs to be updated and we are running old programs which really do not serve us well.

The first wave of NLP, back in the 70s was rather manipulative and frightened a lot of people. What was wonderful for me this week was to see how some simple tools could transform in a short period the negative behaviour we were suffering from and wanted to change. There was no “programming” apart from what the unconscious mind itself was producing. There was also no need to go back to traumatic moments and dwell on them, the unconscious knew what we meant and just filled in the gaps. The practitioner did not even need to know the content of the issue, just prompt the client to use his 5 senses to be aware of the coding he had used and let his unconscious process the data. It was truly beautiful and profoundly inspiring.

A lot of this I would like to share with you,to enable you to live the life you wish for, free of negative behaviours and attitudes, and will introduce various techniques each week. Do not hesitate to comment!
Let’s make it happen!