One of the things I like the most about the holidays, beyond sharing more time with those I love, is allowing myself more time to read.

One of the books I read (I was one of the lucky few to get a free copy at the Global Woman summit in London last month) is “12 days” by Eric Behanzin.
Eric overcame a difficult childhood, became a singer, musician and teacher before becoming a very successful business coach and launching the “Explosive business methodology.

In this book he retires to the countryside for 12 days to share what he has learnt are the 12 simple and powerful steps to becoming a rich, happy and proud entrepreneur. He then decided to complicate things a bit for himself by separating the book in left hand pages for the methodology, and right-hand pages to stream of consciousness on the daily process of writing this book. And because Eric is Eric, he decided during the 12 days to fast, not only no food, but also NO DRINK.

Seen the 12 steps (written one a day) also include a video, I imagined the end would be the grisly viewing of a dying man… but no…

Each step is explained, summarized and accompanied by exercises to put into practice. So, what did I learn?

– The importance of values
– how to discover and use your passions, ultra-skills and personal experience to define your mission
– Detailed steps to defining your mission
– Finding your ultimate gift
– How to sell easily and quickly
– The prerequisites of elegant selling
– Sound financial advice
– Daily rituals to focus on your goal
– Decision making and the importance of taking a rest
– Listing your priorities for a happy life
– Find your cause and CONTRIBUTE

This may seem quite straight forward to some, but his approach is different and I found it fascinating to follow his thoughts on the right hand side and see him go through various stages of enthusiasm, tiredness, determination and exhilaration as he survived 12 days without food or drink!! He IS a regular dry-faster and also has a theory on that.

What impressed me the most, beyond the soundness of his methodology, is his profound belief in the significance of what he has found out in the process and his burning desire to share it with us for the good of all.

Basically: 130 pages of inspiration.
“ Anything is possible to those who believe”, Eric Behanzin.