I don’t know about you, but I sometimes struggle striking the right balance between knowing where I am going and focusing on it; and on the other hand sometimes letting go of that focus to open up to other possibilities.
One example: lately I have been focusing exclusively on my business and streamlining it in a way where the red thread running through all the things, I do is visible, and people understand what I believe in and what I can offer them.
I have already been told that business wise, it is better to focus on one niche and specialize in it, rather than cover various areas. I have been trying that for years and now at 52 I have decided that variety is who I am. The areas I cover are what I am passionate about, where my skills and experience lie and where I believe I can empower others.

Baseline belief is that we all deserve to be heard and that grounded happiness comes through honest and efficient connection and communication with ourselves, and others. So, I coach to improve communication with self and for improving communication with others and getting the results we want I: edit, translate, write, present and teach.
Then over the past few months I had been thinking how much I miss acting, how I enjoy reading aloud, how I enjoyed presenting on the radio. In my Buddhist group I was often asked to read the passages as they enjoyed my voice, so the thinking starts…What is all of this saying to me? Is there a missed opportunity to create value for myself and for others? Am I being all of who I can be? I start skimming the internet and discover he huge world of voice over I had never even heard about.

Should I do it or should I not? Should I focus on the large amount of work I already have with what is already running, or should I devote time and energy to what may also be significant in my life?
I realize that for me living a life of no regrets is one of my main drivers.
I contacted intervoiceover, signed up for their online course and found myself in their Amsterdam studio last Saturday having a lot of fun making a demo!
Yes, it cost me a bit of money, a bit of energy, a bit of time. Will it be significant in my life? Who knows. It was in line with my “you deserve to be heard” mission and I feel proud and at peace that I “followed the signs”, followed my heart and gut so I can advance with authenticity and conviction.
I think indeed that yes, we need to focus and see through, but not with shutter vision, opening up to additional opportunities, if in line with mission, only enhances the original goal.
“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be” Douglas Adams

What do you think?