I believe in life, we need all the tool sets we can get, so yes, if I come across a book or a course which truly inspires me, I believe in sharing. No, I am not paid to endorse people, I just feel a natural urge to share the good things with others, so it can help them too.
Via my coaching accreditation agency, I heard about an online PASSION summit this Summer which immediately appealed to me.
 I am a big believer in PASSION, I think it makes the world go round, gets me out of bed and gives meaning to what I do. I love it when everything seems to flow from that passion, I work hard and can see the results. At other moments however, it  seems that however hard I work, I go to bed frustrated and feel I am going around in circles. Does that ring a bell?
The Summit came with a book, subtitled “Toolset for initiative fatigue. Permanently shifting mental blocks of coaches, leaders and learning students”. After devouring the book and doing all the exercises, , I feel it should not limit itself to the above, but we can ALL use and benefit from it.
The author, Rachael Orchard designed the PASSION toolset after 6 years of frustration in her own life and business which led her to years of research and study, resulting in this all-encompassing, deep, human, and extremely practical book.
My preference always goes to authors who admit they were stuck and suffered (and I could certainly relate to Rachel) and could not help but be in awe by the depth of her research and the analysis it brought.
What I liked about it:
          – It is a one stop shop for reminding myself why I do what I do, staying on track, overcoming obstacles and re-evaluating and adapting as I move forward
         –  It is hands-on practical, with exercises, diagrams, daily calibrations tools and tips
         –  Rachel adds her own experience at each chapter, which deeply resonated with me
          – Each chapter comes with inspiring quotes
          – Each chapter ends with space for you to note what, concretely you will change after reading
PASSION is an acronym on which each chapter is based:
P ower                                  : Understanding you have the magic wand
A uthenticity                      : Knowing what your specific magic powers are
S aying what you will do : Not being afraid to try
S ticking to what you say: Respons-able
I ndex                                   : When something is not working, try something different
O bstacles                           : Love the imperfections
N avigation                         : Practice, practice, practice
There is so much out there, I find it a relief to have this one book to re-visit regularly as I “ sharpen the saw” in my own life and practice, to better serve my clients.

Let’s make it happen, you DESERVE to be HEARD.