Usually, I write about “the Power of being Heard” since my company is dedicated to helping others, women entrepreneurs in particular, be heard to maximum effect; but yesterday I discovered the exhilarating power of being SEEN! 

Really seen, seen in a way we rarely see ourselves, seen in all our angles and shades for who we really are (and seen my passion for life I may have slightly more facets than an average person), seen in all our unique combination of strengths and weaknesses.
I felt not only surprised and exhilarated, but also complete and at peace, liberated at a most profound level, no longer needing to work out and express all of who I am. I felt that the two women with whom I worked that day, revealed to me aspects of myself that till then I had only felt but had never seen, as an outsider would, as a photographer would, if they looked deep enough.

Sure, I have known Lisa and Vinita for a certain amount of years, they saw me through my Presidency of the Women’s Business Initiative International the Hague, through my ups and downs, both professional and personal and had a fair idea of who I was and where my power, my gifts, my drive lay. 
Still, as we worked on the photos of my branding and new website, their insights, ideas regarding frames/props/colours/ perspectives, their coaching of me following on hours of work on my values, my mission, my WHY made me feel they had shifted something fundamental in me, almost as if they were revealing to me all of who I am.

 And boy did we have fun moving my flat upside down and traipsing to the beach to take over the local beach café with my vase of flowers and African artifacts!

The energy, the synergy between photographer and web designer, the last minute brainwaves, it all just worked out so perfectly and even the sun cooperated.

What started out as just a need to define my branding and for a clearer more pro-active website that had lead me to contact Lisa Hall from Lemonberry who partners with Vinita Salome from Salome Photography, turned out to be so much more than a photo shoot.

I feel revealed and even more deeply grounded in who I am, what I stand for and how I want to contribute to the world. I feel I am finally daring to stand in my own light and am tremendously grateful to them for their professionalism, their genuine willingness to show me who I am, their heart and energy and their commitment to empowering others through their work.

I wish for all of you to experience this in one form or another.

Curious to the results of the photo shoot/branding? So am I! Watch this space for when I launch the new website!

#youdeserve to be heard. Let’s make it happen!