Exciting day for me last Friday as I tried a different pitch at the Global Woman Amsterdam monthly networking event. (For those of you not familiar with the term pitch, it is basically presenting your product or service to potential clients or investors). I was very surprised at myself, that after years of public speaking, I still felt a massive adrenaline rush standing up there. I guess it is a good thing as it pushes me to do my best, but I realized more.

This time it was about MY business. I was putting myself out there, whereas usually I am presenting for an organization or a Club. Until recently, when I decided it was time for me to really step out there, my clients had all just sort of found me and I had never really had to “sell” KPC&C.

Let alone the confidence issue, the big challenge of a pitch I found, was how, in a limited period of time do you manage to convey WHO you are What you do, How you do it and most importantly WHY you do it, whilst connecting with the audience in an authentic way so they understand how you can help them.

I guess In my case too it is relatively recently that I have decided to start ignoring everyone’s advice that I need to niche, so I try to represent my 5 areas of business under the red line of Connection and Communication as they all correspond to a separate part of me where I believe I can help others.

I realized I could technically pack in a surprising amount of words in 2 minutes but would run the risk of leaving my audience gasping for air, and all the non-native English speakers would hear would be an energetic blur. And less is more.

But I managed, and it felt good. I was delighted to be approached by many women entrepreneurs in the break wishing to take me up on my editing offer, so I guess it worked.

Practice is indeed the name of the game, and I am grateful to Global Woman for offering us a safe platform to do so.
I did get some help, which I owe to mention here. In August, fellow GW member Idelma del Mar offered a great deal on a webinar entitled “Create your Golden Pitch”. For 5 days you received a daily email, video and set of exercises, with a live Q&A on day 4 and you could submit your pitch for comments. The different modules helped me a lot. I learnt the different sorts of pitches, the essential ingredients and how to tie it all in together, plus you get a “Golden Format” you can review before each pitch. Idelma herself is knowledgeable and charming with a clear desire to help you succeed. More information at idelmadelmar.nl   and iinfo@idelmadelmar.nl.
Once the content is worked out, then it is time for challenge two: mastering the skills of presentation, but more on that soon.

Happy pitching to you all! It’s a great feeling to be able to word who you are and what you stand for in a concise and impactful way!

#you deserve to be heard
#let’s make it happen!