Dare to Detox!

I did, and it was the best decision I have made in a while. Why did I do it? I was progressively putting on weight and feeling sluggish, bloated and was so sick of myself after the Xmas holidays I knew I needed action! Good things come to those who ask, at a networking event I came across Carolina Levie from Pure Food Health Solutions with a 2-week colon detox offer. It felt like “now or never” so I signed up, committed and set to it. Surprisingly it was a lot less hard than I had thought.

How did it work?

We started off with a weighing session (ugh) on her special machine which calculates all other sorts of things: BMI of course and percentage body fat and muscle but also metabolic age and loads of other things (this 52+er was pretty chuffed to hear her metabolic age was 37!). She also measured me and had to answer questions about lifestyle, sports etc and commit to the protocol.

Carolina then made a tailor-made program which consisted the first week of mostly fish bouillon (chicken also possible) and vegetables. Surprisingly, I rarely felt hungry… At the end of the first day however I did develop a violent headache and some nausea which was rather strange seen it had not even been 24 hours, but that was the only negative moment.

Preparing the vegetables was pretty time-consuming but kept me busy and I felt very determined and ticked the days off my calendar every morning.
Carolina was fantastic, she apped every day and I could ask questions. I felt fully supported and encouraged.
By the end of week one I was brimming with energy, felt re-connected to my body, no longer felt like there was an alien trapped in my bowels all day, and I had lost 3 kgs.

At one point I did miss cappuccino and the crunch of solid food but had at no moment the sort of cravings I used to have.  In week 2 we re-introduced eggs and avocado and I felt really happy with my routine.

What did it bring me?

Weight loss, yes, but mostly feeling active, “clean”, fitter and in tune with my body. The long-term effect is I possess now personal, life-changing information on what food is good for me or not (I used to eat far too many raw vegetables which of course are healthy in themselves but not what MY difficult colon needs). I also discovered ghee and the value of a few spoonfuls of kefir and sauerkraut a day as probiotics. My tummy is a lot quieter and hardly ever bloated.

I re-gained self-control and feel proud that I can choose to enjoy coffee, alcohol, and the carbs that are right for me but can do without them and actually feel better that way. This also brought me more mindfulness in my eating instead of mindlessly propping anything in my mouth, I appreciate tastes and textures more.

I also sleep better and have less night sweats and surprisingly, though I have no idea if there is a link, the arthritis in my toes was non-existent during the two weeks…

I had not expected the weight loss to stay but it did and yes now I sometimes stray from the plan and enjoy things which are less good for me but I immediately revert to what I know makes me feel good and that is priceless.

Would I recommend this? Definitely! And I will be doing it at least once a year and maybe two times a one-week detox too, as a gift to myself!

Was it expensive? Absolutely not!!! And worth every cent.

Should you want to contact Caroline:purefood-healthsolutions.com  or Email clevie012@gmail.com