“The prevalence of anxiety disorders across the world varies from 2.5 to 7 percent by country. Globally an estimated 284 million people experienced an anxiety disorder in 2017, making it the most prevalent mental health or neurodevelopmental disorder” (ourworldindata.org).

I haven’t blogged in a while as I have been very busy with the editorial side of my business yet I  have had this nagging feeling for a while that I am selling myself, and those needing support in their personal lives short by my aversion to social media and promoting the coaching side of my business. After all, I have been accredited for over 10 years, re-accredited and have followed since numerous other courses, such as NLP and my passionate interest in the last year for the Anxiety Release MethodTM study I am about to complete. Hence my desire to share with you today.

Anxiety: a big word, which means different things to different people and that we all experience in different degrees. Currently maybe even more so than usual, since COVID-19 has led to us being more isolated, with more time to stop and think and more insecurity regarding the future.

My first realization in this study which combines standard coaching with NLP, Neuroscience and Eastern Philosophy (see https://www.adele-marie.co.uk/anxiety-release-coaching-course) is that Anxiety is not something that we ARE, but something that we DO. It is a program, a strategy, we have created, picked up along the years to cope with what is going on around us.

Our bodies as we know are incredibly sophisticated organisms and we are the outcome of our evolution. An awfully long time ago, anxiety saved our lives. Any sign of danger and our blood would be immediately redirected to our heart to enable us to Fight (the enemy attacking us), or Flight (run as fast as we could from the sabretooth tiger). By doing so our chances of surviving so we could continue to procreate and feed evolution were higher, and once the danger was over, our anxiety levels would drop, allowing the blood to return to amongst other places our brain so we can think properly again. (All of this has scientific terms which I will share at another stage).
In our current era however, we are not often confronted with life threatening situations needing us to run and our sources of anxiety come from tremendously increased sources (constraints and worry over work, money, time scarcity, our families, being a good enough person, being fit etc.) so much so, we don’t seem to be able to turn the program off as easily as before.

Results? Difficulties sleeping, digesting, constant heart fluctuations, chest constraints, headaches, irritability and sadly a lowered ability to think clearly, to step back, breathe deeply and look for solutions.

These solutions are what I am learning and eager to share so we can all live a more fulfilled and happy life.

I will be sharing tips as we go along. For now, just food for thought…
Thank you for listening.

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My company, The Kennedy Connection arose from my firm belief that deep happiness and fulfilment in life comes through honest and genuine Connection and Communication with ourselves, and with others. My mission is to help my clients to better results in their personal and professional lives by improving this connection and communication.

I work along two lines:
For those wanting to be more aligned with their true self and free from whatever negative baggage they have picked up so far, I coach; and for those wanting to get through to others better I edit, translate, write English content and coach presentation skills.

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