Personally, it started last year as a sort of dare. A friend mentioned how great he felt after his morning cold showers and I wanted to give it a try. The first few seconds were numb shock, and once I caught my breath the flight instincts kicked in full throttle. However once that phase passed, you are rewarded by a very satisfactory buzz and the aftereffects in terms of vitality last long during the day.

My daughter was less keen on my making this part of my daily routine seen her bedroom is next to the bathroom and she resented being woken by her mother’s ear piercing shrieks or off-tune, loud, self-encouraging rendition of Pirates of the Caribbean.
One other option if you live close enough is sea-swimming. The key being to enter in one go (encouraged by putting to shame the gentlemen shivering knee high), same thing: shock, gasping breaths and then a warm buzz which gets quite addictive and that unbelievable feeling of strength, pride and vitality afterwards.

But is this really good for you?

In my Anxiety Release Method PractitionerTM course (, we have just been learning about adrenals (glands which produce hormones, one of which is cortisol, the stress hormone) and cold water has a very positive impact on your adrenals reducing considerably the production of cortisol and raising production of dopamine. Cold showers also positively impact on blood pressure, reduction of brown fat, and have been claimed to reduce depression.

So why not give it a go? It takes no time (actually your shower will probably last less long!!haha), costs nothing and the long-term effects on your health level in general have been scientifically proven.

The die-hard amongst you may even take a look at the Wim Hof method (otherwise known as the Iceman)   I am not quite there yet!

So happy cold showers! Before long you will feel you cannot start the day without them! Let me know how it goes…

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