I am 52, my partner is an avid kite-surfer and though I found it looked so tempting to be riding the waves harnessed to the wind, I was not managing to gather the courage to give it a try. They had a good laugh when I turned up at the kite-boarding school 10 minutes from my flat as I had already enrolled twice over the past 4 years and cancelled twice.

This time, I had decided once and for all to give it an honest try and then make up my mind to pursue or not. I owed it to myself.

The first 3 lessons were at times exhilarating, at others frustrating with a fair share of “why am I actually doing this??” and I hit an annoying succession of either too much wind or not enough.

Animo was low when I set out to my fourth lesson yesterday, but the conditions were right and I was determined to see it through and more than anything attempt a water start (basically using the wind to pull you out of the water to stand on the board), generally considered the most difficult bit.

It started off badly with my getting tangled up in the kite as it flew out of  my hands during the beach launch which set me back, I choked back the tears, decided this would be the last one but gritted my teeth determined to see the lesson to an end..  However, the wind was strong, and the rain somehow made me feel valiant and to my utter astonishment I did it!! On first attempt and the next 5 times in a row! And actually “rode” 4 metres!!

OK, the kiters amongst you are by now laughing their heads off as 4 meters is very little indeed, especially compared to the many meters I flew over the board or thrashed about under it. But still, I got up enough to travel and it feels so good! I am still glowing from it!

And that is why I say, there is no victory too small to be celebrated! However insignificant they may appear, our victories nourish our self-trust and self-confidence and give us the motivation to look our fears in the face and overcome!

What win have you had today which deserves to be celebrated?