I have just finished this beautiful, insightful book by Evelien van Es and would wish everyone to read it at some point on their life journey towards fully embracing who they are, owning their space and daring be relentlessly themselves. Her honesty, deep questioning, and insights show a wisdom way beyond her years, as if she is tapping into some essential essence, we all carry within but have not yet ignited. It is both food for thought and practical as she combines her reflections with personal experience, interviews with a wide array of people, and cases from her coaching practice.

Evelien genuinely has a passion for people and helping others gain fulfilment.

I interviewed her for my Fabulous After Fifty! Podcast on what it means to be relentlessly yourself and she summed it up as “Getting rid of that nagging feeling of what do I really want in life, by finding it and living it and inspiring others.” Is there something itching you?

I asked her why we should be relentlessly ourselves? “Many think they know themselves but are stuck in ways and patterns they have been keeping alive for so long and which hold them back. It is about allowing ourselves, with gentleness, be who we really are. It is such a relief to get to that point. Your uniqueness is also your gift in life.” Her book is all about ‘finding that power of being’. Not in a selfish, self-centred way but “with respect and loving contact with others”.

She looks into nature versus nurture and letting that nature shine through. Evelien invites us all to do what we are here for and take up space in life. There is never a lack of space. We are all needed to contribute our little grain of salt to make the world a better place.

Her message is also to stop looking at others and what they are doing. To focus on our own path, based on our personal, intrinsic core values. Evelien believes it is our responsibility to do something with the gift we have.

I totally agree with her when she says that it is the head that holds us back and we find happiness listening and living by our heart, with compassion for ourselves and others, knowing ourselves so well we can find ourselves back when we encounter obstacles.

One other of the very many topics she covers in this astoundingly broad book, is the idea of finding and following your natural rhythm in order to be at your best.

And one of my favourites: choosing love over fear. It is indeed a choice we are free to make and one that has a huge impact in our life. The compassion that brings us together

There is something in this book for everyone. It is the sort of book that stays with you and that you return to on a regular basis, to remind yourself of what really matters, of how much more you are than what you sometimes believe. Read it, embrace it and soar.

Be relentlessly yourself is available in Dutch and in English.

Available on bol.com, amazon and more.


A must read!