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Financial success doesn’t come overnight, but it can come if we learn to retrain our brains to achieve our most important money goals. We chat with Giovana Vega author of “Trading For Success,” about how we can step into taking control of our money. Giovana discusses the differences between men and women in how we approach our financial lives, and how we can move past our fears and establish financial independence for ourselves! This could well change your life!

Giovana Vega is a certified forex trader, an international motivational speaker, and a money mindset strategist. After discovering her passion for currency interactions, Giovana dedicated her life to inspiring women and creating financial awareness.

Giovana is the founder of her business, Trading for Women, which focuses on fostering a money growth mindset and a wealth creating lifestyle. She has authored four books, including Awaken the lioness within, which has skyrocketed and become an Amazon bestseller, as well as her new book, “Trading for success: eight secrets why women are better forex traders”. Giovana was recently on Dutch national television RTL4 TV channel where she spoke about her passion for women in finance and her new book, Trading for success.

As an international motivational speaker, Giovana travels the world sharing her knowledge and inspiring women worldwide to invest in their financial freedom, she has shared the stage with top international speakers such as Kim Kiyosaki and Les Brown.

Giovana is a committed woman and happy to challenge preconceived assumptions about what we can or cannot do in the financial world. She has a big heart and is motivated to make a difference for women in the competitive world we live in. She is the director of the Global Woman Club Amsterdam, a platform that connects women worldwide and has won the Global Woman award for best director of the year. Giovana has been featured in international magazines including “Star People” and “Global Woman Magazine”. She was selected as one of the ten finalists in TEDx Amsterdam Women because of her role as a prominent female leader.

About her book:

Trading for Success: 8 Secrets Why Women Are Better Forex Traders

Are you a woman curious about the trade market but convinced that it is beyond your capabilities? Interested in learning how to build the independent financial future of your dreams?

Financial markets have been controlled for many years by men without allowing much room for female participation and creativity. In Trading for Success: 8 Secrets Why Women Are Better Forex Traders, Giovana Vega will show you how to find your place in the financial male-run industry, encouraging women to take a stand on their financial future. Don’t worry about having any prior experience or knowledge as Giovana will dive deep into simple terms, diagrams, analogies, and graphics, explaining step by step the forex market. She shoes and explains how to adapt, overcome, and manage risk. Additionally, this book contains a personality questionnaire created by a psychologist to help you discover your investor profile.

Trading for Success speaks on behalf of several other female traders who have done exceptionally well in the financial field. A fantastic book written from a feminine angle, enabling women to now acquire basic, intermediate, and advanced knowledge to become an independent and confident woman in the financial markets. In this book, Giovana explains step by step methods to approaching any financial market and provides great tips for beginners starting out in the forex market.

Don’t allow your financial fate to be left in the hands of anyone but yourself. Trading for Success is exactly what you have been searching for to move beyond your fears and take your money strategies to new heights!


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