This is how Forward After Fifty host Rebecca Ronane introduces our episode:

“My guest today Julie Kennedy, is the host of the Podcast Fabulous After Fifty. Julie and I both come from the mindset that life after fifty is one full of new opportunities if you want them. We discuss that this time in our lives is one where we can use our experience to the optimum to make choices that serve us all fabulously. Julie is a coach specialising in anxiety and a translator, among many other professional skills; find out more by going to her website The Kennedy Connection
If you are inspired to make a change after fifty, download my free guide to ‘The Secret to Ageing Positively’. I want you to know that over fifty can be the most beautiful time of your life as you now have wisdom and knowledge that you never had before.
Coming soon, ’30 days to Kickstart your Life After 50′ is a thirty-day email program to help shift your thinking and give you a different perspective on ageing.”