“ How to overcome and transform crises and hardships to gain personal, cultural ,and professional leadership”

Written during the corona pandemic, Joyce uses the crisis our societies are undergoing to show how we can make our world happier, healthier, and more peaceful through unity conscious leadership.

“ We are not in an era of change, we are the creators, standing at the threshold of a new era of health, happiness, and peace” Joyce Z Wazirali.

Her approach is clear and straightforward with many concrete examples taken from clients she has worked with.
It is all about taking responsibility, recognizing that our environment reflects our inner state and that we need to start with us, examining recurring patterns, clearing out that which does not serve us and importantly becoming aware of the unity of man and his environment and how this sets us free from the traps of dualism, of us and them thinking, of seeing the world in terms of scarcity. Joyce also examines and explains in a straight-forward way some deep-seated fundaments of Nichiren Buddhism such as the nine layers of consciousness  and how we can use them to bring about lasting change and the law of cause and effect.

She also touches on cultural transformation and the concept that we are not only part of a culture but co-creators of it and on understanding the effects of our interconnectedness and how we can thrive by applying unity conscious leadership to personal and organizational undercurrents.

It is up to each one of us:

“We are the creators of our own world.
We can change our world
by using the triggers
we encounter in life
for self-reflection, self-inspection and self-development
from the perspective of Unity Conscious LeadershipTM.
– Joyce Z Wazirali –

Simple to read and deep of message, Joyce expounds in this book, with much wisdom and insight her keys for more health happiness and peace in the world, bridging the gap between Nichiren Buddhism, the business world and personal happiness.

“Unity Conscious Leadership”, which has deservedly won many international awards is a book for all those wanting to make a change in their own lives, in their environments and contribute through their ‘ personal revolution’ to the greater good.

Read it, share it, gift it and together let’s create a better world in full conscience of our unity.