What a beautiful story to finish 2022 with. Sara Im’s story of Love, resilience, courage and determination. On today’s episode she shares what she learnt by surviving the killing fields in Cambodia and how we can use these lessons to live a like of purpose, overcoming adversity, creating strong relationships, with a positive outlook and never giving up hope.


I grew up in a village in Cambodia, surrounded by nature. Cambodia is a beautiful tropical country. We have all kinds of animals, exotic plants, flowers, and fruits. I enjoyed all kinds of exotic tropical fruits. After I graduated from high school, I had an opportunity to attend a college located far away from home, in the capital city of Phnom Penh.
My life was peaceful and happy until that fateful day. In 1975, the Communist Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia. In 4 years, 2 million people died of homicide, diseases & starvation. That’s ¼ of the Cambodian population. That’s the Killing Fields of Cambodia. As one of the survivors, I am here to tell my story.
I was in captivity for 4 horrible years. I was put to work in harsh working conditions in the rice fields under an intense hot sun. I lived with little food and little sleep which made me very sick. Within a couple of months, I contracted several diseases. When I got too sick to work, they sent me to a death camp, waiting to die.
I prayed every day for God to help me and he heard my prayers. I was sent to the kitchen to work under better conditions. I gradually recovered from those diseases. When they saw me look better, they pulled me out of the kitchen and sent me back to work in the harsh conditions in the rice fields again.
After 4 years, God gave me the courage to not want to die at the hands of these criminals. So, I gathered 3 of my most trusted friends to attempt a dangerous escape and we made it out. It took months of tracking and walking, but I was finally reunited with my family.
Only after a few months of reuniting with my family, did I face another need to flee my country.
I am grateful that I was able to finally come to the United States and build a wonderful life. Several years later, my family, was able to come to join me. Six years ago, I was able to publish my book titled “How I Survived the Killing Fields, a Story of Hope, Love, and Determination” with the intention to share the message of hope, love, and inspiration. You can find a few more details on my story at:
I am known as a survivor of the Killing Fields who turned my pain to be my purpose to help people recover from their own pain, struggles, and fear. I speak about the road to resiliency; how to develop your personal leadership; find hope in the midst of adversity; find peace in a senseless tragedy and more. I design my speech to meet the needs of each event.
What sets me apart from other speakers and authors is: I share effective strategies evolving from my own personal experiences, which almost destroyed my life. I am humbled to say that God has helped me to survive so that I can tell others that they too can make it through their own tragedy. I want to give them hope by not giving up.
Brand-wise, I am known as a courageous Survivor of the Killing Fields who wants to help others to overcome their struggles. My message is about hope, love, faith, resilience, and courage. I offer my speaking services for corporations, and faith-based organizations, for their events, conferences, retreats, workshops, and more.
I am also available to meet with any book club members who are interested in learning and having discussions about my book. My newest service is life mentoring/coaching. I offer a complementary 30 minutes discovery session to see if it will be a good fit.
I help people just like you, overcome their adversities through my book, speaking engagements, podcasts, and coaching. Schedule a Free Zoom Session with me where we can discover opportunities to work together. (To schedule, please click on )

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