I was excited to be invited to be a guest on The Empowered Expat Woman Show with Camilla Quintana.

Here is how Camilla introduces our episode:

“In this episode of The Empowered Expat Woman, we are joined by Julie Kennedy.

Julie has lived and worked in many different countries, learning flexibility, drive and perseverance, accumulating a wealth of cross-cultural and human understanding.

She has a BA in Business and German and Spanish and various coaching accreditations (with distinctions), specializing in motivation, anxiety release and Ikigai and speaks 5 languages.

Thriving through Connection and Communication, with ourselves and with others is the red thread connecting the kaleidoscope of different positions she has held as she moved around the world and is the raison d’ etre of her company The Kennedy Connection under which she operates in various capacities.

In our interview, Julie talked about

  • Her journey as a third culture kid, diplomatic spouse and now permanent expat
  • How to figure out ‘who you are’ as a Fabulous-Over-50 Expat Woman
  • The most common challenges experienced by expat women after 50
  • How to find “your thing” and leverage all of your different experience, for professional and personal success
  • What she wants younger expat women and spouses to know
  • What’s needed to build your own brand and company after 50

Julie is a great example to prove that “Age is just a number” and that, whether you’re 50, 60 or 70, there’s an array of possibilities out there for you, waiting to be found!”

To listen to the audio, and to find out more about Camilla, go to https://camillaquintana.com/podcast/episode69/

Or watch the video below.