“I am a free spirit” she said “I don’t like money. Money changes people. In an ideal world we would all just barter”. Yet she knew she needed money: a security pot, a pension for the Julie with less energy. She loved travelling and wanted to be generous and help those who needed her, she wanted to be financially independent. She worked, and she worked, and she worked for 35 years, passionate about serving and contributing, following her heart in all sorts of value-creation projects. Yet living by the seat of her pants. When she earned, she spent (mostly on travel) and when she didn’t, she hoped.
One day she realized that 75 % of what she did, she did for free. “I have no money but I am happy, I am free” she would boast.
Till she woke up to the fact that THERE IS NO FREEDOM WITHOUT FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

So she embarked on a fascinating journey of making Love to Money, attracting it as an energetic force for good to be channeled towards making an impact there where she felt it was most needed.

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