What I love about being over 50 are those moments of illumination when you gain yet another insight into who you really are, and DISCOVER that whatever it is, it is OK.

I had one of those moments yesterday realizing there is actually a name for people like me: MULTI PASSIONATE.

I am FED UP with being told I have to choose; I have to niche. I love many things and that is ALRIGHT.

YES, I feel ALIVE when there is A LOT GOING ON.

NO, I do not want to be LABELLED or PUT IN A BOX. I don’t fit, full stop.

I am FED UP with being told to SLOW DOWN, CALM DOWN, QUIETEN DOWN. It makes me feel SUFFOCATED, REPRESSED even. I was born with an above average amount of energy and life force, and I have decided to no longer wonder WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH ME but embrace being a FORCE OF NATURE, as long as I put it to good use.

I am FED UP with being told to “GROW UP” get a SERIOUS JOB instead of making a living in various fields, I LOVE WHAT I DO, whether coaching/writing/editing/translating/hosting/organizing events…etc.

Many of my achievements are not really taken seriously as they do not fit the standard box, but I NO LONGER CARE about what others say.

YES, I have MOVED 25 times and now that I am settled in the Netherlands I compensate with frequent travelling, far & close, long & short.  You NO LONGER NEED to ask me what I am running from! I simply LOVE DISCOVERING new things.


I am PROUD to announce I am an international, vibrant, multi-passionate woman of over 50 and I OWN it.

Does that mean all is rosy?


I DO WORRY ABOUT FINANCIAL SECURITY, about the future, about leaving something to my children but always felt that if freedom and variety were for me stronger needs than financial security then my freelancing in various areas was the best I could do.

Now I am discovering the world of online affiliate marketing where I can reach out to women like me and say: YES, WE CAN HAVE IT ALL! The purpose, the passion, the variety, the creativity, the connection, the fun, the time, and location freedom AND make serious sustainable income at the same time. How good is that?

Do you recognize yourself in the above? Then reach out and connect so we can support and inspire each other.