“Ships in harbour are safe, but that is not what ships are built for”John Shead.

If we live in fear, of change, of not being good enough, of humiliation, and loss we only live half a life and that is not what we are built for.

The truth is, we all feel that fear and the only way to get through the fear of doing, is to do.

Susan suggests tackling a fear a day to expand our horizon and experiencing how liberating it is.

She gives practical tips such as:

1. Listing all the pay -offs

2. Being aware of the options and making it a game to de-dramatise. “Angels fly because they take themselves lightly”, she suggests playing with life instead of fighting it. Doesnt that already feel good?

3. Notice what you are saying to yourself ( I cant, I should, its not my fault)

4. List available choices that could change unpleasant situations into pleasant ones, play the change your point of view game. What would another suggest?

5. Focus on the good things and not the bad

6. Commit to spending one week without criticising or complaining

Some things are within our circle of influence and others not, they just happen and you can complain and resist and fight them, or just go with the flow and say YES to your universe

More next time about dealing with the chatterbox within, for now Let’s make it happen and start on the road to self-empowerement by befriending our fears…