Welcome back!

Whether you have been abroad, taken a holiday, or enjoyed a quieter work period due to the Summer months, I hope you are now getting back into operational mode and looking ahead to the third Trimester of this year.

So, did you manage to pause at any point and smell the roses?

What did that bring you? Maybe before we get caught up in the rush it would be beneficial to take a few minutes and reflect on any insights, what they mean, and what needs changing.

The advantage of a break is that we take a step back and get a better view of the big picture, one we can not get when we are IN it.

My own insight was into what drains me and what drives me and where I would like my energy to go.

What do YOU find draining and what can you do about it? Maybe there are some extra activities which could be reduced? Some delegation which could be done?

On the other hand, what GIVES you energy? What gets you out of bed in the morning and can you tailor in some more?

Investing maybe one hour this week to reflect on yourself is worthwhile and will in the long run give your life more purpose and yourself more self-fulfilment.

Enjoy the journey! Let’s make it happen.