I realized this week that I don’t…and boy did I learn!

As in most professions the french adage that “the sons of the shoemaker have the worst fitting shoes” is true. As a coach I needed to stand back from my own analysis and Vanessa Smith from Crafting Connection gave me the best Xmas present I could envisage: she SHOWED me all of who I am, based on what I was saying.

She combined letting me do my usual stream of consciousness with powerful questions and summaries, all the while pulling the essence from what I was saying and drawing it (full marks to her for keeping up with my high tempo). She then took me on a journey deep into myself now, then moved me on to where I would be in one year before bringing me back gathering action points…

One part which really impacted on me was the breathing technique she used (but more on that next week!

The vital element for me and the title of this blog is our need to recognize, accept and integrate the whole of who we are. We all have parts of us that we prefer to lock away, maybe those associated with vulnerability. That was my case and the little girl in me, I preferred to lock away, as she made me feel scared or insecure, was always hurt and doubting…The analytic adult and the wild darer in me decided she really was a burden and preferred to keep her muzzled..Yet every now and then she would escape and go on a rampage, and the energy of keeping her down was exhausting…Through this session I came to acknowledge the little girl is a powerful part of who I am, gives me empathy and gentleness, a lightness and simplicity and an ease to be in the now. She should be allowed her say.

What about you? Are there sides of you which you struggle to hide as they don’t fit in with the image you want to give of yourself or because they bring up strong emotions?

The beauty of us as humans comes from our diversity and the complexity of facets which create our unique individuality.

Maybe you know which aspects of yourself you need to address? Maybe you could use a a coach to guide you gently towards acceptance?

The feeling of wholeness, the peace of not fighting oneself and the self confidence of having nothing to hide are so worth the process…

I do need to add that what really was the cherry on the cake for someone as visual as myself with such lousy drawing skills, is the pictures Vanessa made. A series of drafts during our 1,5 hour session and an amazing final picture using my metaphors, words, including all of who I am and where I am going which serves an an incredible anchor for me to hold on to as I look forward to 2015.

More information at: http://crafting-connection.com/personal-purpose-quest