Following on from last week and the search for our core values where I used Steven Covey’s image of a compass giving direction to our life, I came across this quotation today:

“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.“

– Jim Rohn

I do believe in synchronicity and that when you are open to something, you see the signs so thank you Jim Rohn!

These words reinforce Covey’s message of the core values being the compass we check our life by, knowing that at times we will be off course and need to re-adjust the direction of our life, in possibly as little time as just overnight, to be aligned with our true selves!

In life things happen fast: we speak fast, sometimes regretting our words:  and act fast, sometimes wishing we had made other decisions. At these times it may be hard to bring to mind our whole compass with all our core values.

What I decided to do was distill them down to three, which I could bring immediately to mind, reminding me what is crucial for me. Values and words  which would make my heart beat with a feeling of completeness and purpose when I say them.

It took a while.

First I brainstormed and wrote them all down. Then I tried to prioritize them asking myself without much time to think: “If I had to choose between X and Y, what would it be?” and then….they emerged, almost as if THEY had found me….

I paused welcoming the warm, thrilling feeling as they resonated through my veins. Yes, that is who I am and how I want to live. No compromise:


Which three pulse in your veins? Share with me…

To a fulfilling life of purpose and passion: Let’s make it happen!