Well having just finished a fascinating book called: ” Eastern Body, Western mind” I had decided to write about Chakras and how we can use them to align ourselves in life but I have just had such a wonderful morning, I wish to share that simple lesson instead!

It is about the Glorious Power of Sharing and how fulfilling, inspiring and vibrant it is!

This morning I hosted one of my “Coffee with Contents” around the theme “Leaving a legacy” I have been talking about here. I was graced by 8 wonderful, motivated, intelligent and perceptive women who allowed me to share some of the knowledge, wisdom, skills I have acquired. This in turn gave me so much energy, motivation, pride and that glowing feeling of having been authentic to myself. Of having followed our personal life purpose.

We shared on so many levels: I shared my knowledge, they shared their time, I shared my coffee, they shared their money, I shared tips, they shared feedback, I shared my story, they shared theirs, we shared refelection, insight, humour and humanity.By the symbiosis of sharing, the end product ended up being so much more than the sum of our individual contributions leaving us feeling linked in some deep, primary way.

They left feeling inspired, proud of having made time to grow in this way, leaving me grateful and humble and dedicated to my purpose.

The energy they gave me propelled me outside in the glorious autumn sun for a one hour jog along the Greibnitzsee where again I experienced the glorious power of sharing. Sharing the beauty of nature and the glory of physical exercise with other cyclists, joggers and walkers. Sharing the mutual acknowledgement with an elderly lady on a bike, sharing the mutual pride and exhilaration in the thumbs up with a fellow female jogger crossing my path. Sharing the link of simple human pleasures. It reminded me of last summer when I went jogging on a particularly hot day (probably atoning for too many slices of lemon cake!). A fellow jogger coming in the opposite direction had slowed to a walk to drink out of a water bottle and as I approached he generously offered out his bottle. Spontaneously sharing his precious water, sharing the knowledge of the madness of us jogging in this heat, sharing a botherhood of sports. He didnt actually know that I was followed by my family support team on their bikes carrying my water but who had temporarily delved into the blackberry bushes so I actually declined with a big thanks. Yet I was moved by his gesture.

These are the simple sharings which give such a depth to being human.

So what can you share today?

Share a smile with a little old lady walking down the street?

Share a moment of tenderness with a chld?

Share a funny story with a friend?

Sharing, for the pleasure of sharing, without expecting anything in return. And you may be surprised what you do get back!!

So happy sharing and thank you for having shared this story with me!

let’s make it happen!