Lets continue on our 8 steps mission to discover and harness your motivation!

We have in Step 1: committed to paper, in Step 2:Determined what we want, in Step 3: Determined why we want it and now we need to take a little psychological break to examine the beliefs we hold regarding what it is that we want.

So, what is a belief?

A belief is a feeling of certainty we hold about something which is upheld by reference experiences.

In order for you to fully commit to getting what you want, you need to fully believe it is the right thing.I shall share an example with you:I had a client a few years back wanting to lose weight. She was doing very well up to a certain point and then went back to over-indulging. After a few sessions it appeared that what was holding her back after the initial thrill of losing weight, was her belief in what a thin woman was like. She believed thin women were boring, always saying no to the good things of life, drinking mineral water and nibbling on celery sticks. She preferred to identify with the wild woman who devoured life including over-indulging in food and drink…

How CONFIDENT are you that you will achieve your goal? If you are already saying to yourself: OK I’ll go through the moves but it will never work, I have failed every time so far…you are indeed setting yourself up for failure again in order to comply with that limiting belief you hold about yourself.

You need to believe you DESERVE to achieve that change.

You need to believe you CAN do it.

You need to believe you WILL do it.

The modern concept of Coaching came about in the 60s when a famous tennis coach named Tim Galwey wrote: :The Inner Game”. He came to the conclusion that the fiercest opponent was not on the other side of the net but within us. We need to recognise our fears and excuses and move beyond.

Beliefs and habits can change.

Pull on other successful aspects of your life, set yourself up for SUCCESS!

So take out what you wrote you wanted to achieve and ask yourself what you believe about that state or about others who have achieved that change.

Good luck! More next week with Step 5: ANCHORING your motivation!

Let’s make it happen!