Oopps, I did it again and disappeared for a while! We went on a wonderful 4 week road trip through Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark! It was wonderful, the children were fantastic: we visited a lot, learnt and grew a lot and bonded as a family, so a truly fulfilling holiday and I kept a daily blog there too so was not completely idle!!

But back to coaching and self-development!

I read a fantastic book called “Core Transformation” by Conninrae and Tamara Andreas about reaching the well spring within which I hope to present to you soon.

But back to where I had left you: compiling a list of the life roles and responsabilities you hold and listing what is important to you about them.

This is part of a three question workshop which I use with my clients to define their life purpose. What is the purpose of your life?

In Viktor Frankl’s book: ” Man’s search for meaning” which is an absolute MUST READ, a gem of a book, he explains why he his convinced that the primary human drive is not pleasure but the pursuit of what we find meaningful.

Once we know what we find meaningful we can use this to steer us in our lives otherwise we run the risk of drifting by try and error and looking back to a life full of regrets.

This does not however mean that we live a life of rigidity, blind to the many opportunities thrown our way. It means that we are aware of the direction we would like our life to go, the direction which gives meaning to our life though we may take many varied paths to get there.

This meaning, this purpose can also be defined as our legacy. What do we want to be remembered for?

S. Covey in his inspiring book: ” First Things First” talks about us being fulfilled by a life that responds to 4 human needs:

– the need to live which is then physical needs (Shelter, food, health…)

– the need to love (friends, family, and to be loved), this is the social need

– the need to learn which is the mental need (self development) and

– the need to leave a legacy which is the spiritual one, meaning, purpose, vision.

In his view the need to leave a legacy is the ” key to the fire within, which transforms other needs into capacities for contribution.”

So that is where we are starting. One way I go about helping my clients detect their purpose (as Frankl says: ” we detect our purpose, we do not invent it”)is through the three steps we started last time. The first being to define goals and responsabilities and next week we move on to defining our Core Values.

What are the ingredients you need in your life to be happy?

Let’s make it happen!!!