Ever had those passages in life when everything just seems too much? One moment life was slow and you were eager for something to get all excited about.The next thing you know, you are spinning out of control, with lists dancing in your head at night, waking up with a racing heart persuaded you have missed something important, suddenly snapping at everyone and wanting nothing more than to to get into bed and pull the covers over your head? I seem to do quite a bit of that and I guess the correct term is …OVERWHELM.

So what is overwhelm? One definition I like goes along the lines of: moments where our life seems negatively impacted by people and events outside our control. We feel it is all too much. Since our self-esteem is tied to our ability to feel we are in control of events in our environment, we feel down beat, we feel we can’t deal with it and just wish it would all go away.

So what can you do? Basically you need to re-evaluate what is the most important to you. You need to take control again, even if it is only on paper. Get those lists out of your head where they just seem to be flashing incessantly and get them down on paper. Maybe at first just note them randomly to catch them all, a bit like downloading a computer to clear room for more. Then go back, look at what you have noted and put them in groups. It can be matching categories,things you HAVE to do, things you WISH to do.

You are now taking control.

Put them in order of priority and tackle them one by own, determine an action for each and a date to do it and commit to it.

Step by step.

Which brings me to the elephant… So, How DO YOU eat an elephant? The answer is simple: one bite at a time! Good luck!

Here’s to making it happen! Have a great week!