Once upon a time… I wanted to write a book, but am finding it overwhelming whereas a blog is a good start.

My idea is to try and be sane (notice I do not say “remain”sane!) by downloading thoughts and emotions, sometimes light, sometimes deeper and involve my wonderful network of friends in sharing thoughts and tips and inspiration- or maybe just a laugh- as we all follow our separate ways through the sometimes confusing path of life. I hope you will join me.

Recap: My name is Julie Kennedy, I am an expat without a pat. British brought up in France I am currently in Holland and purposefully separating (otherwise known as conscious uncoupling) from my lovely Dutch husband of 20 years and Father of my three children. So a time of reflection…

Is it midlife? Most make it sound as if this is some silly frivolous infliction, I would say it is the moment you take a clear look at your life. Are you where you want to be? Is OK good enough? And time to decide that if it is not, now is the time. And I did.

A long tortuous road of hesitations and guilt from which I have emerged authentic and free with all the financial and location issues you can imagine.

For today I am gathering followers, so join me,  comment on my weekly post and let us all at our various ages, nationalities, locations and personal circumstances bond over the web and share a moment of life together.