In other words: what is your motivation? In order to step outside our comfort zone and do something differently we need to be very clear on what it will bring us. This is of course highly subjective but crucial in gathering the energy and the strength that will see us over the hurdle.

So what will being (…) bring you? Write it all down. Just let it flow, the first reason, the second, the third, with no judgement in between. When you write freely, fast, your conscious mind is held busy with the physical writing which lets the subconscious get a chance to express itself.Our conscious brain is the one which analyses and at times sabotages our creative ideas before they are even given a chance, so we need to get around him! Ever wondered at the marvellously creative ideas you get when walking or gardening? It is basically the same reason, the conscious mind is too busy repeating its movements to sabotage the potentially wild, free, different thoughts which may emerge from our subconscious! You must keep asking. The first reasons will most likely be the ones you know you should change for but not necessarily your core motivation. And that is the one which matters, that is the one for which you are prepared to put up with some hardship.

We are creatures of habit and it takes a lot of willpower to break the habit and venture out into unknown territory. You will only take consistent action if something important to you is at stake.

So WHAT will making this change in yourself bring you? If we are talking about being for example fitter or slimmer (this is just an example for the sake of clarity, you can use this process for ANY change): your DESIRE to be slimmer has to be stronger than your desire for that piece of chocolate cake. You will be the same, the cake will be the same, the only thing that will change will be your focus, your drive, your willpower concerning your reaction to that piece of cake.

This new you then becomes a MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION because you know it fits with who you really are.

In motivational coaching we talk about:

AWAY GOALS which are associated with moving away from a state which causes us distress. It is usually associated with fear or pain. We will do soemthing out of fear of the consequence. So in our previous example, not eating the cake out of fear of staying fat and dying of a coronary disease.

TOWARDS GOALS on the other hand are associated with pleasure. Moving towards being a slimmer, fitter you, feeling great about ourselves, in control.

So once we have a deeper understanding of WHY this change is important to us, WHAT it will bring us. Once we have the fuel to power our motivation, we need to take a little psychological break to examine some beliefs we may hold on the topic!

Let’s make it happen!