Mmmmmm… this is the bit where quite a few start shuffling on their seat feeling uncomfortable. All the defining and planning was useful and eye opening, but now actually having to do something?

Yes you do. “If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got”. As simple as that.

This is not about making a vague wish and sitting there waiting for it to happen. Because you know what? The probability it happens is not very high. Yes, you ask, yes you believe and trust it will happen but you also have to DO everything in your ability to make it happen! But the Good News is that your Fairy Godmother, the one person who can change that dream into a reality is not very far.

It is YOU. Only you. Your focus. Your WILL POWER fuelled by that deep motivation we anchored before.

Feel it! Get excited about what you are doing!

You can’t wait to start implementing the changes, to face up to the temptations and win over the saboteur voice. Its just you speaking to you so make sure you choose the right words!

Welcome the pain, the uncomfort, the resistance knowing you are overcoming , secure in your power to win. Not sure I totally endorse the “No pain, no gain” but welcome the proof you are doing something different: you are on track to the new you!

However it is not about stressing and obsessing the whole time.

INTENTION: Know what you want

ATTENTION: Doing all it takes

LACK OF TENSION: Just letting it flow, reins in hand.

Now that feels great doesnt it?

Next week we will talk about rewarding to keep on track!

Let’s make it happen!