So, following up from where I left it last week and the idea that we can train our brain to look at the bright side of life and every situation, in order to feel more empowered, confident and assertive.This week I would like to share some practical tips!

Know yourself ! See the Star in you! Grant yourself 30 minutes of your time to actually sit down and take stock of all the great things about you. What is great about your mind? Your heart? Your spirit? Your body? What great skills do you have? These do not need to be Nobel prize winning, often the little things are the big things. Maybe your mind is great at reading, writing, imagination or you have a great sense of humour? Maybe your heart is caring, friendly, patient. Maybe your body is fit, healthy or you have lovely hair or eyes? Maybe your spirit is honest, fair, resilient? Maybe you have great cooking skills, gardening skills, singing in the shower skills? We tend to focus on what is missing and compare ourselves negatively to others which actually demotivates us. Feeling good about who we are gives us the confidence to want to develop further and we are then more able to reach out to others.

– Be grateful for what you have. Every night when you go to bed say thank you for five things you are grateful for that day. Even after a bad day, you can always find five things, however small to be grateful for. Especially after a bad day, add in to your mental bedtime story, one thing you can do to make tomorow even better.

– Start your day with some powerful morning questions, you dont need to get up extra early it can be in bed, in the shower, brushing your teeth: just train your brain to look at what is positive. What am I excited about in my life right now? What am I proud about at the moment? What do I enjoy the most in my life right now? What am I committed to right now?

OK, that is enough to start with. Even if you only manage to start with incorporating one of each of these in your daily routine you are moving towards the sunshine!

So what do I see through the rain? … Nature is getting its drink, the snails come out to play, the streets and my car get a much needed wash, the colours become more vibrant, lovely earthy mother nature smells unfold, we get to cuddle up around a cup of tea and I get to wear my new fancy rubber boots!!!!

Here’s to a vibrant life: let’s make it happen!