First of all, to those of you following me regularly: a big sorry for the long absence, it was a question of “First things first” and new clients, presentations, my NLP Practitioner written integration document and of course children end of year program just needed priority! Not in that order mind you!

But I have missed my blog and am eager to share my motivation for getting our lives in order so we can live them to the full.

So…Do YOU know what matters most for you to feel happy and complete? What are the vital ingredients you need in your life to feel fulfilled?

The thing is, we are usually quite fuzzy on what those ingredients actually are but if we don’t know what these are: how can we be doing our best to live a happy, contented, fulfilled life?

Values basically measure the meaning that life holds for us and our goals, dreams , desires are simply the vehicule for fulfilling our values.So this is pretty important, dont you think?

We have core values which are really at the heart of who we are and from those we also have relationship values, education values, work values…etc Knowing these helps us make the rtight decisions in all areas of our life.

In order to work on finding these vital ingredients I quite like the “What matters most” process defined by Hyrum W. Smith.

Lets us look at the first step:

Get hold of your notebook and start making a list of the roles, responsabilities and relationships you have in your life. We can start from the very large picture: as in we are all members of the human race, of a family…etc but then whittle it down to you: maybe you are a Mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, an employee, a friend, a helper at the library…etc

Once you have them listed, prioritise them to the ones which are the most important to you, bringing the list down to the main seven and rank these seven by importance.

What things seem the most important from the life roles you have identified?

I shall let you ponder on these, hoping you note it all down and next week we will continue with identifying your governing values!

let’s make it happen and live a fulfilled life, full of purpose and meaning, knowing we are moving forward to being our personal best!