Passionate about Respect

For the past 6 weeks, my current corner of the world, Kijkduin, The Hague has been the frenzied Dutch Capital of Pokemon-Go with literally hundreds of adepts arriving on foot, bike, bus to chase and catch the Pokemons.

This was all fun and exciting and inhabitants in general did not mind the masses walking and cycling about glued to their mobile phones, the municipality had been quick in setting up toilets, protecting the dune areas and on average they were no real disturbance, no noise or alcohol and it was good for the businesses on the main square.
Things are changing and resentment is growing. I work from home so sit quite a bit behind my computer. I have now caught out three adult men (individually) peeing against the neighbouring building. Not one to keep quiet, I politely enquired what they were doing, causing one alarm, one hesitation, and one threatening look.
Seriously? Public toilets have been erected just 200 metres away.
It is a lack of respect. I don’t want to see or smell it, nor do I want my kids to see men waving their appendages from their home windows. Though it is not just the neighbour mentionned he had surprised a woman actually pooping at more or less the same area…

One thing I do notice, is that none of these were the teenagers who were the first to play the game. Progressively the age of players seems to have increased…and these are the ones misbehaving…

So dear Pokemon-goers, enjoy your game, enjoy the thrill, but remember you are a human, and just like we teach toddlers, recognise your need to go and find the right place, or carry poop bags and urine bottles so we can enjoy our home in peace.