The Golden Circle: this is what it is all about! Part 1

I have just read with utter fascination Simon Sinek’s book: “Start with why” and it makes so much sense!!! To EVERYTHING!
And ties in wonderfully to what I have always thought: that purpose and passion are what gets us out of bed in the morning and now I see there is clear science behind it.
Seeing we digest better in nuggets I shall write a few blogs on this:
– the Golden Circle (this blog)
– the biology behind it and how it applies to buying/selling
– The Golden Circle and Leadership

His Golden circle finds order and predictability in human behaviour. For now:what is it?At the centre of the circle is the:
WHY: the belief, visualise this as the glowing Bulls eye
HOW is the next circle around it: How are the actions you take realising that belief
WHAT is the third circle around the 2 precedent and serves as tangible proof you are walking the talk.Apple uses this model and people buy because they are inspired by the WHY.I decided to apply it to what I do:
I sincerely believe we all have it in us to live a happy, fulfilled life creating value and that we owe it to ourselves and to the world to do so.
By finding our Purpose and Passion and putting it into action and by Connecting and Communicating with ourselves and with others.
KPC&C provides motivational coaching to enhance connecting and communicating with ourselves and Consultancy in the fields of writing/editing/translating/presenting and languages to optimise connection and communication with others.

Why don’t you for this week give it a try. Take your purpose, your life goal and ask yourself those questions.
Imagine you are selling it, we usually start with what we are doing but it is so much more inspiring and effective to start with WHY…

More on this next week….
Lets make it happen….