I was looking for an inspirational speaker for the monthly networking event of the Women’s Business Initiative International and came across Accountant and Financial analyst Marian Koek.
Marian has worked for years as Senior Accountant and Financial analyst and still finds time to devote herself to her passion: helping women entrepreneurs achieve their goals and live a more fulfilled and balanced life.

Turns out she is a Buddhist, a fact she kept secret for a long time concerned about the impact it may have on her business and credibility before discovering that actually the two are so closely linked, that instead of hiding the fact she wants to promote these principles which have been so instrumental in changing her life and business.So what DOES Buddhism have to do with it?
It turns out: quite a lot.How we think and what we say affects our ACTION, and ACTION is what it is all about.
Our talk was but a taster, but I would like to share her thoughts and principles as they can profoundly affect your business and how you live.1. We ALWAYS have a choice and can change our own attitude
2. Follow your heart, set goals and never give up on anything you feel deeply passionate about.
3. Buddhism is about wisdom -tapping in to our inner wisdom; it is about courage,-courage to take         action; it is about compassion- towards others, but also towards ourselves.
4. It is about taking responsibility and believing in the law of cause and effect
5. It is about bringing our lives in tune with the universe around us

We wanted practical tips and Marian shared 5 steps to overcome obstacles:

1) In the morning, raise your energy level: yoga / meditation / singing / dancing, whatever it takes to        raise your energy level and set yourself up for a successful day.

2) Listen to yourself and trust your inner wisdom, your intuition, believe in your power to change           your life

3) Create your own solutions, do not make a mountain out of your obstacles, welcome them as a moment for growth

4) Don’t try to do everything yourself, ask for help, delegate, look for resources…

5) Take ACTION, without action nothing will change, so just do it.

She left us with a quote: “Success, victory and happiness are all to be found in forward motion.”

I took myself off for a 5 day retreat to go through Marian’s “Creating value cards” which have changed my business and the way I view my life, She is also the founder of “the BIZZ Road Map”, a wonderful tool to move from an idea to a business plan. You can download it for free from her website.



Check it out and change for the best!
Let’s make it happen!